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I recently started dating a guy with the last name «Black.» Today, my little sister jokingly commented that we should name our kid «Jacob» in honor of Twilight. Silly sister, his name will be «Sirius.» MLIA

Today, I tried #10 of ways to get kicked out of walmart; Hide between clothing and then jump out and yell «PICK ME!» I did this once, and the hot guy that was standing there picked me up, threw me over his shoulder, and asked the nearest sales woman how much I was. We have a date tomorrow, thank you walmart. MLIA

Today, the sinks flooded in the girls bathroom, somebody wrote in lipstick «the chamber of secrets has been opened», I love my school. MLIA

Today I was talking to my Psych professor about rescheduling an exam becasue I had been in the hospital. When he said I could take it the week after everyone else in his office I jokingly asked if I could make a blanket fort and take my exam in there. He, very seriously, said that it would probably be beneficial. Never been so excited for a test. MLIA

Today, we were choosing topics for a essay in English class. Everyone else was doing the normal boring topics like guitars or biographies of famous people, and some of those my teacher rejected. I choose to do a essay on who the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher was at Hogwarts. She said she was most excited about my project. MLIA

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