Tidsfordriv i Markedsføring og Ledelse 😉
Today, my friend and I went to see New Moon, but dressed as wizards. We told the cashier we were from the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. They let us in for free. MLIA.

Today I was talking to my boyfriend on Facebook chat while he was in the computer lab at his school. I was ranting about my day and how I really needed a hug. His response? «I just hugged the computer monitor and now everyone’s giving me weird looks.» Soulmates. MLIA

Yesterday, I saw my older brother wearing one of my Nike shirts that said «JUST DO IT» on it. I asked him why he was wearing my shirt, to which he responded «It told me to.» Touche brother. MLIA

Today I took my nine year old daughter to the dentist. After every appointment the kids get to choose a reward for being good. My daughter chose a Hannah Montana pencil. I was very disappointed until she said, «I chose this so that I can laugh maniacally while I sharpen her face off.» I taught my daughter well. MLIA

Today, I tried #9 on 333 ways to get kicked out of walmart, where you dress up as batman and yell “COME ROBIN! TO THE BATMOBILE!”. I wore a batman shirt instead and proceeded to do this when a old man popped out of a aisle (with a red shirt and black pants mind you) and yelled back «HOLY MACKEREL BATMAN, WHERES THE TROUBLE!?» We then ran down the aisle singing the old batman song until my mom and his daughter caught us. I love old people. MLIA.

Today, I tried texting my mom complaining of period cramps but by accident I texted my new boyfriend, one name away from my mom’s in my phone book. About an hour later, he showed up at my door with chocolate, Pamprin, tampons, and flowers. I think this is the beginning of a long, happy relationship. MLIA

Yesterday, as I was doing day care in my home, a 4 year old girl told me that she was way too tired to pick up the toys she had been playing with. When I asked why she was so tired, she told me that Peter Pan had kept her out all night in Neverland and didn’t bring her home until morning. Best. Excuse. Ever. MLIA

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